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DarkNachoXD's Avatar Viewer [BETA]

It has been requested many times. Who doesn't want to see for themselves, their own avatar .edat files? Today we release the beta version of the Avatar Viewer Tool. It doesn't include much, but allows for opening the 'decrypted' .edat -> .dat file and save into .png format.

Here are some pictures of the tool:

The first step to using this too is to first decrypt your .edat files. Packed in the download is TrueAncestor .edat decryptor I will go over a short guide to use this.

1. You will start off with this layout:

2. You'll want to go to the edat folder and place your .edat files into there, like so:

3. Now go back to the tool:

4. Open it up. Make sure you have the latest java jdk/jre installed. Choose the option that says Decrypt EDAT Only

by typing in 1 and press ENTER.

5. Self-explanatory.

6. You're done. Exit trueancestor and you'll find your decrypted .dat files.

7. Now, open up the avatar viewer.

8. Click File -> Open

9. Choose the .dat file you want.

10. Open it, and then save as .png file.

11. It's saved. Job well done.

12. Yes, there are other ways to decrypt, such as using Aldotools, but I feel this is the easiest way with less hassle.

Download link:

Temporary Download

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8 AlRashed   (15 September 2016 4:11 AM) [Entry]
Can you please update link

7 BrainMurder10   (12 November 2015 8:06 PM) [Entry]
Link is off, plz reupload it :(

6 Dave   (28 June 2015 11:34 AM) [Entry]
nice, thank you smile

3 mm946065578   (11 June 2015 1:48 PM) [Entry]
great work thank you!! happy

4 alex   (20 June 2015 11:12 PM) [Entry]

2 evil-empire-clan   (11 June 2015 6:09 AM) [Entry]
I'm just happy to see what I can put together that I like. wacko

1 evil-empire-clan   (11 June 2015 6:03 AM) [Entry]
That's mean just mean. cry P)put up the MK ones cool. surprised
Answer: MK Avatars will never be uploaded! smile

5 alex   (20 June 2015 11:12 PM) [Entry]
Mk Avatars Uploaded. :/
Answer: It sucks though. sad

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