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36 Fragments of Midnight, Access Denied, Attack of the Toy Tanks, Back in 1995, Blasting Agent, Blind Men, Bouncy Bullets, Cybarian, Daggerhood, Deep Space Rush, DISTRAINT, Duck Souls+, Football Game, Fullblast, Ganbare! Super Strikers, Gravity Duck, Heroes Trials, Himno, Hoggy2, I Am The Hero, I and Me, InkSplosion, Iron Snout, Jack N' Jill DX, Just Ignore Them, Knightin'+, League of Evil, Legend of the Skyfish, Mekabolt, METAGAL, Midnight Deluxe, Milo's Quest, Mochi Mochi Boy, My Big Sister, Neon Junctions, One More Dungeon, Paradox Soul, Peasant Knight, Plantera, Random Heroes, Red Bow, Reed Remastered, Rush Rover, Squareboy vs. Bullies, STAY, Super Weekend Mode, Super Box Land Demake, Super Wiloo Demake, Syrup and The Ultimate Sweet, TETRA's Escape, Thunder Paw, Twin Robots, Warlock's Tower, Zeroptian Invasion

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